Bachelor’s degree in physics and astronomy

Objectives of the program
The Bachelor’s degree in physics and astronomy is the first step in the formation of a professional dedicated to research in physics or astronomy.

The objectives of the program are:
Give the graduates a solid knowledge of the fundamentals of physics and astronomy, and to prepare them for post-graduate studies in physics or astronomy at national or international departments.
Give the graduates the competencies in physics and astronomy that allows them to collaborate or research projects in these disciplines and be able to teach at universities, professional institutes and centers of technical education.

Professional profile
The graduate of this program has a solid understanding of fundamental concepts in physics and astronomy and a general knowledge of the current research in these areas.
The graduate can think scientifically, has the ability to teach him-, or herself, and can apply the learned knowledge to solve specific problems at a professional level. He/she can undertake technical experiments and astronomical observations.
The graduate has the capacity to apply mathematical and computational methods to study new situations in physics and astronomy but also in other sciences.

Job opportunities
The graduate of this program can collaborate of physics and astronomical research projects at other universities, science institutes, astronomical observatories, and teach at higher education institutes.

Continuation of his/her studies
The graduates of the Bachelor’s program in physics and astronomy are able to continue do a master or doctorate degree in either physics or astronomy at Chilean or international universities. Furthermore, he/she can obtain advanced degrees in related disciplines such as mathematics, engineering, of the pedagogics of science.

Duration of the program
In years: 4.5.
In semesters: 9.

The courses are though on a semester system.

Admission and selection criteria
Profile of the student entering the program:

    • Show genuine interest in science.
    • Have shown an ability in mathematics and physics.
    • Is able to study alone as well as work in groups.

Requirement for admission:
Have a degree from high school and have taken the PSU and science exams. The students have to have a grade above the grade for the PSU set by the university. The grade is determined as:

Grade from high school: 30%
Mathematics: 50%
Language and communication: 10%
Sciences: 10%

Students who comply with the admission requirement, but cannot afford to pay part or all of the entrance fees can apply for financial assistance from Crédito Universitario, scholarships and the social network of the Universidad Catolica del Norte.

Special entrance
There is a possibility, under university rules, to apply for special entrance.

There are 30 places.

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