25 May, 2017

Sonia Duffau – Sulphur and Zinc in our Galaxy as seen by the Gaia-ESO survey

12 April, 2017

Nicolas Tejos – The intergalactic medium in inter-cluster filaments of the cosmic web

8 March, 2017

Esteban Silva Lillo – M83. Star clusters and field stellar populations. How we can link stellar populations with their parent galaxy

28 July, 2016

Valentino Gonzalez – Galaxy Growth in the Early Universe

14 June, 2016

Zhiwei Chen – Feedback of massive star formation in M17

26 May, 2016

Francesco Mauro – Unveiling Galactic structure and evolution through extensive automatic photometry

24 March, 2016

The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory Seminar

18 December, 2015

Mauro Barbieri – The Earth transiting the Sun as seen from Jupiters moons: the discovery of a new physical phenomenon

11 December, 2015

Pablo García – Warm ISM in the Sgr A Complex. II. PDR Emission from the Arched-Filaments and Nearby Positions

20 November, 2015

Mario Hamuy – Cosmology from type II supernovae