Daniella Barría: The Double Periodic Variable DQ Velorum


“The Double Periodic Variable DQ Velorum”

Daniella Barría

ESO- Universidad de Concepcion

We present here the first photometric and spectroscopic analysis of the interacting binary DQ Vel.
DQ Vel is a galactic eclipsing binary with an orbital period of 6.08337 days which shows a long
photometric variability of 189 days. Our spectroscopic analysis includes disentangling of the
composite spectra, determination of radial velocities curves, estimation of the mass ratio and the
spectral types of the stars. We compute the best synthetic light curve to obtain the stellar parameters
of the system. The system comprises of a B-type primary (gainer) and an A-type secondary (donor)
including an extended accretion disc around the gainer star. We also explore the main spectroscopic
features for the maximum of the long-term variability. We study different long-phased Balmer and
Helium profiles in order to investigate the mechanism responsible for this long variability.


Sala Seminario Instituto de Astronomía


Viernes 7 de Diciembre de 2012


16:00 horas