Ezequiel Triester: The Cosmic History of Black Growth


“The Cosmic History of Black Growth”

Ezequiel Triester

Universidad de Concepcion

It is now clear that supermassive black holes (M>1e6 Msun) live in the center of most
(all) galaxies, including our own Milky Way. Furthermore, the energy released
during the growth of this black hole is a critical ingredient in understanding galaxy formation
and evolution. In this talk, I will show what we know about how, when and
where these supermassive black holes are acquiring their masses. In particular,
I will focus on the effects of obscuration, as it is now clear that the majority of this black
hole growth is hidden from our view by large amounts of gas and dust. I will present statistical
evidence suggesting that while most nuclear activity is triggered by internal secular processes,
the most violent episodes are linked to major galaxy mergers. Finally, I will show how future
data obtained combining observations with  the ALMA radio telescope and the NuSTAR X-ray
observatory will allow us to understand the physical details of the connection between black hole
growth and galaxy evolution.


Sala  de Seminario Inst. Astronomia


Viernes 28 de Junio 2013


16:00 horas