Representatives of higher education institutions of the European nation visited the UCN


Establishing joint development projects, primarily in the areas of mining, education and astronomy, was the target of a delegation of higher education institutions in Finland who visited the Catholic University of the North (UCN), as part of a tour that includes different areas of Chile.
The delegation expressed its intention to deepen ties with the region of Antofagasta, which, as explained by the European academic representatives, open multiple workspaces complementary to the work of Finnish institutions.

“This is a first approach which displayed areas of common interest,” noted the Academic Vice President of the UCN, Dr. Fernando Road Valdés, who stressed the importance of this visit. The authority explained that areas such as mining, education and astronomy, among others, can enhance the prospects of mutual cooperation. “In the future we can generate work and exchange views,” he said.
The group came to our country as part of an agreement between the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (HCCH) and Universities Finland (UNIFI), and includes the presence of officials from seven institutions, including Lappeenranta University of Technology and the University of Jyväskylä.
Delegation also integrates the Rector of the University of Tartu (Estonia), Alar Karis, who is also President of the Estonian untapered ‘Conference, prestigious institution in the Baltic country.


CRUCH Executive Director Maria Teresa Marshall, explained that one of the objectives of the trip to the capital of the Second Region was show Europeans the potential of the area, especially natural laboratories at its disposal, as well as opportunities academic and research.
“We chose to come to Ottawa, because they have much interest in the development of technologies in the field of mining, astronomy and engineering. We found it interesting that closely knew what the UCN and the AU are doing, “he said.
The board noted that the guiding visitors were “blown away” by the quality of work implemented in northern Chile, as well as development opportunities.
They also expressed their interest in the subject education, from kindergarten to university level education. “This meeting allowed them to display topics in common with their Chilean counterparts. I found very attractive theme Business School Miners driven by UCN, and the challenges of technological development in that area. ”