Gazinur Galazutdinov : Spectroscopic study of translucent interstellar clouds

Optical wavelength range absorption spectra of interstellar clouds contain atomic lines, molecular features of simple 2-3 atom species and the unidentified since 1922 diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs). DIBs are believed to be formed by complex organic molecules but carriers of most of them remain unidentified despite of more than 90 years of efforts which makes this issue the oldest unsolved problem in astrophysics. A total of ~20 strong and more than 400 weak DIBs have already been detected. DIBs have been observed in hundreds lines of sight within our Galaxy, in the Magellanic Clouds and other galaxies too. Just in our Galaxy, the rough estimations give some 10^59 unknown large organic molecules that have yet to be identified. The talk review the recent results in our study of translucent interstellar clouds and, the current state of the DIB mystery.

Lugar :
Instituto de Astronomia

Jueves 21 de Noviembre 2013

14:30 horas