Gianluca Lombardi: Astronomical Site Testing in the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes

Astronomy Colloquia

Astronomical Site Testing in the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes: the case of the E-ELT Sites Characterization Campaigns in Northern Chile and Argentina

Gianluca Lombardi

If you want to do front-line ground-based astronomy you need new giant telescopes giving you the best possible and most resolved image and spectra. But having a giant telescope is not enough to reach your purposes. A big telescope on bad mountain does not allow you to obtain the requested and wished high quality data.

The new giant ground-based telescopes are now rising from their project offices. In order to find the best places for them, in the past 5 years intensive Astronomical Site Testing campaigns have been performed by several international teams world wide. The E-ELT Site Testing has been one of them.

In this talk I will explain the basic concepts of modern Site Testing Surveys, and the E-ELT Site Testing activities in northern Chile and Argentina will be reviewed. Furthermore, pioneering exploratory campaigns will be illustrated. The purpose of this presentation is to explain the work on site beyond the scientific goals. Logistics, instrumentation setting, and observations methods and purposes will be shown, pointing out the difficulties we faced and the ways we dechifered them.

May, Thursday 24th, 2012


Seminar Room of the Institute of Astronomy (see location here)