Katrien Steenbrugge : Reconstructing the surroundings of the super-massive black hole in Mrk 509

The surroundings of super-massive black holes located in the centres of active galaxies is complex with many
components, such as the accretion disk, the corona, broad line region, the reflection component, the torus and warm
absorber. The distance from the black hole, the size and geometry of most of these components is poorly constrained.
We used the technique of time-resolved optical, UV and X-ray spectroscopy and lightcurves to constrain the sizes,
distances and geometries in that active galactic nuclei Mrk 509. I will show that the corona is consistent with an
optically thick and relatively low temperature layer on top of the accretion disk. The reflection component is located
between 40-1000 gravitational radii from the black hole and the broad line region is at a distance of 0.07 pc. Two of the
warm absorber components have a distance of ~10 pc, for the other components the distance is larger than 70 pc, and all
are thus located outside the broad line region. From the determined distances to the warm absorber we can calculate the
importance of these outflows on galactic evolution through feedback and the recycling of metals in the galaxy.

Lugar :
Instituto de Astronomia

Miércoles 30 de Octubre 2013

14:30 horas