Linda Schmidtobreick:Low states of nova-like stars above the period gap


“Low states of nova-like stars above the period gap”

Linda Schmidtobreick


Novalikes just above the period gap play an important role in our understanding of the evolution of cataclysmic variables.
Most of them belong to the group of SW Sextantis stars and experience very high mass transfer rates.
This results in  extremely hot, bright and dense accretion discs which do not  allow to observe the stellar components in these binaries.
To therefore get information about the physical parameters of these binaries, i.e.
the masses of the two components, the stars need to be observed in a low state when the accretion is at least partly suppressed.
Many of the SW Sex stars are known to experience such low states that are also called VY Scl low states.
Within a large campaign, we monitor these stars photometrically and trigger time resolved spectroscopic
Too observations when they go into a low state. I here present some results of this campaign.


Sala  de Seminario Inst. Astronomia


Jueves 18 de Octubre de 2012


16:00 horas