Oscar A. Gonzalez : A wider view of the Milky Way bulge

With the exception of the Milky Way and M31, the observational studies of the central components of galaxies are strongly challenged by the impossibility of resolving individual stars due to crowding and blending in high stellar density regions of distant galaxies. In this context, the Milky Way bulge, one of the major components of the Galaxy, can be studied at a unique level of detail thanks to its resolved stellar populations, which hold the imprints of how our Galaxy formed and evolved. I will share with you the great advancements that have been achieved in this field during the last few years. The complicated X-shape morphology of the Bulge has been revealed and we also have, for the first time, a global metallicity map. Such results, coupled with a wide coverage of its kinematics, allows us to characterize the Bulge properties as seen in an external galaxy. I will show you how these results support the scenario of the Galactic bulge originating from the
vertical instability of the Galactic bar.

Lugar :
Instituto de Astronomia

30 de Mayo

16:00 horas