The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory Seminar


“The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory Seminar”


Speaker: Takashi Miyata (University of Tokyo)

Title: “TAO/MIMIZUKU : A new tool for ground-based mid-infrared observations”

TAO is a project to build a 6.5m telescope at the summit of Mt. Chajnantor. It is the world highest, and the world best facility for mid-infrared astronomical observations. For maximize the advantages of the site, we develop a new mid-infrared instrument MIMIZUKU. In this talk I will briefly overview the status of TAO and MIMIZUKU, and discuss new infrared observations which will be achieved by TAO/MIMIZUKU.


Speaker: Hidenori Takahashi (University of Tokyo)

Title: “Research of Massive Star Clusters by NIR Narrow-band Imaging Observations”

There are various types of massive stars, such as Wolf Rayet stars, LBV, YHG, RSG, OB stars, and so on, which make an important role to circumstance such as supply huge energy and dust toward interstellar field. I introduce the new pick-up tool of massive stars using near-infrared observation by mini-TAO/ANIR as purpose for investigation of properties of massive stars and components of massive star clusters.


Speaker: Takafumi Kamizuka (University of Tokyo)

Title: “Investigation of circumstellar environment around AGB stars”

Asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars are one of the birthplaces of interstellar dust, and distribution of circumstellar materials is important for studying dust formation mechanism. To investigate it, we conducted a spectro-imaging observation of o cet and R Leo using the IRCS and AO188 on the Subaru telescope and successfully revealed the distribution of CO fundamental emission in the 10-30 stellar radii region. I would like to talk about this result and discuss about its usefulness on investigation of dust formation process.



Physics Building Auditorium


Thursday March 24th 2016


10:30 AM