Timo Anguita – Quasar Microlensing


“Quasar Microlensing”

Timo Anguita

Universidad Andres Bello

Quasar microlensing refers to the uncorrelated dynamical brightness fluctuations observed in the multiple images of lensed quasars due to compact objects in lensing galaxies. This phenomenon is present in most, if not all, gravitationally lensed quasars to different extents. In the typical scenario, the projected size of the Einstein radii of stars in lensing galaxies closely match the scales of the background AGN. Thus, the observed microlensing signal not only depends on the projected distribution of compact objects on top of the lensed quasar images, but also on the internal geometry of the source quasar. In this talk I will review the phenomenon and its use as a tool to i) probe the compact (baryonic) matter to smoothly distributed (dark) matter ratio in intermediate redshift lensing galaxies, as well as to ii) measure the inner structure of high redshift quasars: from the accretion disk to the line emitting regions.


Seminar Room Institute of Astronomy


Friday July 03rd 2015