Tomohiro Mori – Spatial non-uniformity in inner ~sub au region of transitional disk


“Spatial non-uniformity in inner ~sub au region of transitional disk”

Tomohiro Mori

University of Tokio

In recent years, various observations have revealed the fact that many protoplanetary disks have non-uniform spatial structures possibly generated by disk-planet interactions. To investigate the presence of those non-uniform structures at very close to the star, we performed the optical photometric monitoring of young stellar objects (YSOs) hosting disks. From October 2012 to January 2015, monitoring observations were performed with the 1.3m-telescopeat Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS). We performed reduction and presented the light curves of 16 YSOs, and significant variability were detected. This talk will focus on one object, GM Aur, which has transitional disk. For this object, periodogram analysis for this object detected a 5.98-day periodicity significantly. We discussed the cause of variability, and found that it can be mainly attributed to circumstellar dust in 0.08 au from the central stars.This object was known to have large hole structure with radius of ~ 20 au from the central star. On the other hand, the inner region of that hole was uncertain. In this work, we revealed the presence of non-uniform dust reservoir in the inner region of that hole, even near the co-rotation radii in case of GM Aur. From this new insight for this object, we began to think near-infrared interferometer as another strong tool to investigate such inner disk structure. For this one month, we have reducted VLTI/AMBER data for the sake of discussing relationship with variability. I will talk preliminary result of this reduction and future prospects.
Finally, I will talk about MIMIZUKU (Mid-Infrared Multi-field Imager for gaZing at the Unknown Universe), near- to mid- infrared imager for TAO (Tokyo Atacama Observatory)-6.5m telescope. The current status and scientific goal of MIMIZUKU will be talked.

Seminar room, Institute of Astronomy

Mon 8th January 2018