Zhiwei Chen – Feedback of massive star formation in M17


“Feedback of massive star formation in M17

Zhiwei Chen

Ruhr-Bochum University

M17 is a massive star-forming region in the Galaxy, hosting bright HII region and dozens of very young OB stars. New-born OB stars produce enormous ionizing photons and generate massive stellar winds which shape their surroundings. The creation of HII regions by nearby OB stars can squeeze the existed molecular cloud cores to break the dynamic equilibrium and then accelerate the process of gravitational collapse and star formation. We found in the HII region of M17 that young stars born in the interface between HII region and molecular clouds can be strongly affected by the expanding HII region, i.e., stellar outflows interacting with the HII region. This fact suggests that the feedback of massive stars not only affect the surrounding molecular clouds, but also change the evolution of forming young stars.


Seminar Room Institute of Astronomy


Tuesday June 14th 2016